Comprehensive Wealth Planning

The Peloton Roadmap™

The Peloton Roadmap Was Created to Provide Clients with

  • Will my assets and income be sufficient in retirement?
  • How can I invest more tax efficiently?
  • How should I best structure my charitable giving?
  • Do my estate plans reflect my family’s true needs?

Roadmap clients use the software platform eMoney, a leading cash flow-based financial advisory tool. Owned by Fidelity Investments, eMoney is secure, robust, and offers an easy-to-use client interface. Each Roadmap follows a similar, time-tested process outlined below.

Establish Goals

Without goals, planning is pointless. During a Roadmap engagement, we work with clients to set and prioritize quantifiable wealth and financial goals. These objectives become the foundation for all future financial and investment decisions.

Analyze Financial Statements

Net Worth Statement, Cash Flow Statements

First, we need to gain clarity about your current financial standing and expected future income and expenses. We will help you create your own personal net worth statement and detailed cash flow statement to help you better understand where you are now and your options to meet your financial goals.

Manage Financial Risk

While the probabilities of premature death, disability, and liability are low, the effects of these adverse events can be financially devastating. Before we offer specific, goal-oriented recommendations, we first aim to mitigate relevant risks which are beyond your control. While Peloton does not sell insurance, we partner with professionals who will help you meet your personal risk management needs.

Create Your Wealth Plan

No two clients have the same concerns, so we address specific, pertinent needs during a Roadmap, from income tax projections to valuing employer stock grants to structuring assets for early retirement to estate settlement and distribution design.

Customize Your Investment Portfolio

Investing is a critical part of a long-term wealth strategy because it allows accumulated savings to work toward achieving your goals, independently of your efforts. As experienced portfolio managers, we understand that designing solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client yields the best results. Whether you have ESG priorities, specific cash flow needs, or concentrated investment positions, we will match your investment portfolio to your objectives.

Next Steps

The fee for the Peloton Roadmap is $5,000. This cost includes the development and delivery of your personal wealth plan, and up to ten hours of plan implementation and consulting over the course of the next year. This fee may be waived for Peloton private clients and their adult children and grandchildren.

After signing your engagement letter, we will direct you to your personal financial and wealth planning portal, where you can begin entering your information securely. From this point, we will guide you through the development process and to plan delivery.

  • Wealth Plan Development
  • Delivery of Your Personal Wealth Plan
  • Plan Implementation using eMoney
  • Ongoing Consulting and Service

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Risk Managment

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Charitable Gifting

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