Investment Management

Professionally Managed Portfolios

Private Client Group

Customized Portfolio Solutions

Investment Management

Professionally managed portfolios for individual and institutional accounts of all sizes.*

Managed Portfolios: 

  • Fundamental Growth Strategy: A high-quality equity portfolio of fundamentally sound, fast growing companies with strong balance sheets
  • Equity Income Strategy: A growth and income equity portfolio of attractively valued companies with high and sustainable dividend yields
  • Balanced Strategies: Diversified portfolios of quality equities and investment grade bonds, designed to generate stable growth and predictable income

Peloton Capital Partners LLC: private investment interests available to accredited individual and institutional investors. Relies upon Peloton Capital Management, Inc. as registered advisor.

*GIPS-compliant composites verified through 12/31/19.

Private Client Group

Customized, integrated portfolio management for high-net-worth households.

Comprehensive wealth management advice for each unique client:

  • Asset allocation
  • Structured portfolio liquidity
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax optimization
  • Risk management
  • Strategic financial planning