Peloton is growing and welcomes the opportunity to meet with prospective clients. Would you like to refer your friends, family members, or clients to Peloton? We invite you to explore our professional and personal referral policies below.

When I refer someone to you, do you discuss my personal investment information with them?

No. Specific account information is always kept confidential.

Do you ever tell prospects or other clients that I am a client of Peloton?

Only if we have your permission and then we will only acknowledge that you are a client.

What should a prospective client expect from Peloton after I provide you with their contact information?

If, after our introductory meeting, our approach appeals to them and they want to move forward, we gather information about their current situation and discuss what they want from their investments. We then develop and present a comprehensive, customized proposal. Finally, we compile the necessary documents and walk them through the process of completing the paperwork. We do not charge anything until we begin managing the account(s).

After I introduce you to a prospective client, do I need to do anything else? Will you keep me updated on the status of my referral?

We will keep you updated throughout the new client process, and we might ask for your thoughts if the process stalls.

What does the introduction/sales/on-boarding process look like for a new client?

The speed of the process is really determined by the prospective client. We provide prospects very timely turnaround on deliverables (e.g. proposal, new account paperwork), and can complete the process – from introduction to on-boarding – in as little as three weeks.

Who will the person I refer work with at Peloton once they hire Peloton?

All client relationships are managed collaboratively by the Peloton team. Clients can choose to make someone at Peloton their initial point of contact.

Do you do anything specific for clients who refer business to Peloton?

We have a formal system for tracking referrals. We try to identify clients’ interests and schedule events that referring clients will enjoy and appreciate.

I may not know how much someone has to invest – what if their account isn’t large enough?

We work with clients at a variety of wealth levels, but if an account is not large enough to suit our approach or if the relationship is likely not a good match, we will provide alternative recommendations early on in the process.

Who do you want as a client?

We enjoy working with clients who appreciate our hands-on approach to managing their wealth and ensuring their financial well-being. What we do is a full-time job, so anyone who has accumulated assets but lacks the time or expertise to manage an investment portfolio would benefit from the structure and discipline of our process. Also, anyone who has expressed doubt in their current advisor would probably welcome learning about a different approach.

How does market volatility affect new clients?

Account values always fluctuate, but Peloton excels at structuring portfolios to meet the specific needs of each client over time. When a portfolio is structured properly, short-term market volatility can be viewed from a better perspective.

I’m not sure how to approach friends with this – any suggestions?

Let’s talk generally about some friends you might have in mind. We may be able to help you identify some phrases or talking points that provide a comfortable way to begin the conversation. We serve clients well who are anticipating or are currently working through financial transitions. For example: divorce, sale of a business, inheritance, retirement, etc.