investment gifts for holidays

While the term “investment gift” might not elicit the enthusiasm that cars with bows or pricey headphones or gaming consoles can inspire, Peloton has picked two unique options for investment gifting this season. While you might not be able to accommodate young or grown children on every wish, you can share gifts that inspire learning, fuel their interest in investments and help them plan for their financial future.



Peloton Road Mappeloton road map

When it comes to making sure your grown children are on the right path with their investments, our Road Map can help them make sense of their portfolio and provide education and guidance for reaching their long-term goals. If you’ve invested in their collegiate education, why not help  invest in their real-world financial education too?

The Premise:

People need strategic financial guidance, sometimes apart from investment management.  The Road Map is objective, fee-for-service financial counsel to individuals and families from a team they can trust. There’s no obligation to invest with Peloton when the Road Map is complete.

The Process:

Phase 1: Clients enter basic financial information into software via a secure online portal – the Road Map is powered by  MoneyGuide Pro, the leading goal-based financial advisory tool.

Phase 2: Peloton develops as clear a picture as possible of both where you are today and your goals for the future.

Phase 3: Your personalized Road Map is completed, which is delivered face to face or online conference. From start to finish, the consult can be completed in as few as two weeks.

This is not your traditional  “financial planning” which is typically associated with advisors that sell financial products. In contrast, Peloton’s Road Map is purely objective financial counsel for a fee.

If you’re interested in learning more about gifting the Road Map, contact us and we can provide additional information.



stockpile peloton wealth holiday gift

Our second pick is a simple premise but one that brings together the investing and gifting. Stockpile is nothing short of genius, offering the world’s first gift card for stock. The concept, which has been featured on Today and CNBC, allows you to pick any stock and dollar amount. Google. Nike. Apple.  Electronic Arts. Starbucks. You choose. Think big and gear your pick(s) to the recipient’s passions and interests.  They in turn get fractional shares of real stock. The premise is so simple that even kids and teens can do it on their own. And the tool is also suited to old-school investors as you can share a physical gift as well as an e-gift.

While it’s not a present under the tree, we love this alternative gift idea for kids. It raises an interest in selecting and investing – they can choose companies they believe in or whose products they use, then track the activity. It’s a cool learning tool for the novice and a great gift for older children who can start to build and guide their investment accounts.

While it’s not gift-wrapped with a shiny bow, the gift of investment knowledge can never be overlooked. Consider turning traditional gift-giving into something with purpose this season.