For Peloton clients and friends eagerly anticipating the next installment our quarterly newsletter, the Peloton Position (surely everyone is!), the wait is almost over. 

Our development of multiple client communication tools (including this blog) allowed us to rethink the timing of the Peloton Position coinciding with the end of the calendar quarter.  Instead, we now offer a Quarterly Recap & Outlook that accompanies our quarterly client reporting packet.  Think of this as “Peloton Position Light” or an executive summary of the end-of-quarter environment.  This allows us to shift the Peloton Position to the middle of the quarter – mid-Nov, Feb, May, and Aug – which will be particularly helpful next month as it will allow us to comment on the results of the mid-term elections and the Fed’s QE2 strategy.

Additionally, we continue building our white paper library, and should publish one or two more by year-end, before settling into a regular quarterly schedule.  And for real-time commentary on developing events, check our blog often.  Below we summarize our correspondence timetable.

1)  Portfolio Reports and Quarterly Recap & Outlook:  shortly after the beginning of the quarter

2)  Peloton Position:  mid-quarter

3)  White Papers:  toward the end of the quarter

4)  Blog:  continually

Finally, we are always available by phone or email if you have any specific questions.