Peloton Capital Management[1] claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Additionally, the firm has been audited and verified by The Spaulding Group, a leading performance measurement services firm in the investment management industry.

Administered by the CFA Institute, GIPS standards are globally-accepted, industry standards for the calculation and presentation of historical investment performance.  Based on the principles of full disclosure and fair presentation, they enable investors to compare the past performance of asset managers and conduct higher quality due diligence.  Verification is a process by which an independent, third-party verifier conducts testing of the firm, providing assurance that internal policies and procedures related to specific GIPS standards have been designed and implemented firm-wide.

Investors benefit from GIPS standards.  According to the CFA Institute, “Compliance with the GIPS standards is voluntary, however choosing to comply, investment management firms assure prospective clients that the historical investment performance records they report are both complete and fairly presented.  Current and prospective clients can have more confidence in the integrity of the performance results of firms that claim compliance with the GIPS standards, as well as in the internal policies, procedures, and practices of those firms.”[2]

Investment management firms should aspire to meet GIPS standards.  Compliance has become a de facto requirement for institutional money managers.  The CFA Institute articulates, “Compliance demonstrates to legislative bodies, oversight boards, beneficiaries, and the investing public a voluntary commitment to delivering transparent and comparable investment performance reporting for the benefit of investors.”[3]

Peloton’s long-standing equity strategy, Fundamental Growth, is GIPS compliant and verified.  The Fundamental Growth Strategy is structured to provide long-term capital appreciation primarily through a diversified portfolio of high-growth U.S. equity securities.  The portfolio employs a fundamental, research-driven approach resulting in a focused, high-quality portfolio managed to outperform the S&P 500 TR® index.  For more information on the strategy, including the GIPS compliant performance presentation, please contact Peloton Capital Management at 317-559-1700 or [email protected].


[1] Peloton Capital Management, Inc is an independent investment adviser registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  Peloton was founded in 1984, and manages large-cap equity, balanced, and multi-asset strategies.  Prior to June 30, 2019 the firm was named Peloton Wealth Strategists, Inc.  Peloton Capital Partners, LLC is a relying advisor of Peloton Capital Management, and general partner of the Peloton Tactical Equity Fund, LP.  For GIPS purposes, Peloton Capital Partners, LLC is part of the firm Peloton Capital Management, Inc.

[2] CFA Institute, “What Are The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®),” in Global Investment Performance Standards, 2018.

[3] Ibid.