Peloton Wealth Strategists has been in the investment management business since 1984.  Our investment team is comprised of professionals with an average of over 20 years serving the financial needs of individual and institutional clients.

Peloton is an independent, fiduciary investment manager.  Your needs and our professional judgment are the only factors that will ever drive our recommendations for your portfolio.  We sell no products and are compensated only by our clients’ fees.  Every client is a “team client,” meaning they have access to anyone in the firm and all team members are familiar with the client’s portfolio. Clients are also guaranteed direct access to our team of investment decisions makers.

We begin with a conversation about you. Once we understand your unique situation, our team builds a strategy designed to achieve your specific goals.


Guide To Management Fees

Investors face many choices when selecting an investment advisor. The variety of advisory compensation arrangements is nearly as broad as the breadth of service offerings, making the selection process all the more complex.

Complexity itself is not a problem, but it tends to cloud value assessment.

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