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Get Serious About Investing

Investing your hard-earned money is serious business. Skillful portfolio management is a full-time job requiring knowledge, experience, and discipline. Our team of veteran investment professionals offers proven investment solutions through Peloton Investment Management and Peloton Private Client Group.

Investment Management

Expertly managed portfolios for individuals and institutional accounts of all sizes.

Private Client Group

Comprehensive wealth management including strategic financial planning and integrated, custom portfolio management for high-net-worth households. 

The Peloton Difference


Founded in 1984, we’ve helped clients as an independent money manager for over 35 years. Our portfolio managers have been navigating financial markets for 25 years. We’ve seen it all.


We base investment decisions on our internal research and your needs. As a fee-only advisor, we don’t sell investment products.


Our rigorous investment process focuses on fundamentals and removes emotions from investing. Clear thinking leads to better results.


We uphold the Fiduciary Standard so clients’ interests come first. Everything at Peloton is geared toward achieving your goals. No exceptions.



In bike racing, the peloton is the main group of cyclists riding in tight formation, conserving energy by taking turns “drafting” behind each other. This allows the group to ride much faster than any lone cyclist. Pelotons are fluid, dynamic, and beautiful in action but require a tremendous amount of skill, coordination and trust. We manage money by combining securities that work together as a structured portfolio, much like the peloton. The result is an efficient and dynamic investment solution – one that powers clients toward their goals.

Get Serious About Investing