Customized Portfolios

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The Peloton Wealth Management Strategy

In bike racing, a peloton is a group of cyclists riding in a tight formation to “draft” from each other. Riders take turns at the front of the group where the wind resistance is greatest. This allows the cyclists behind them to conserve energy by drafting. Organized pelotons move very efficiently and can maintain much higher speeds than a lone cyclist can achieve. Pelotons are fluid, dynamic, and beautiful in action but require a tremendous amount of coordination, communication, and trust. We manage money by combining individual securities that work together as a structured portfolio, much like a peloton. The result is a powerful, efficient, integrated solution – one that moves clients toward their goals.


Your unique needs and goals drive all of our investing decisions. We are able to provide objective, unclouded advice because we do not sell products. We sell expertise only.


Managing your money is a full-time job. When you work with Peloton, you know that our seasoned professionals are always on top of the details.


Straightforward, easy to understand, and well-communicated. From investment strategy to portfolio structure to fees, we help clients understand everything about what we do.

Integrate Your Wealth

Are you ready to get serious about your investments? Peloton’s experienced wealth management team takes the time to thoroughly understand your comprehensive financial situation, and then designs an integrated investment strategy to meet your specific goals. Sophisticated investors don’t want one-size-fits-all investment management. As a Peloton client, your customized strategy is adaptable. It evolves to align with your dynamic financial lifecycle. At each turn, Peloton is there to position your portfolio for the road ahead.